Floating Star Martini

Teroforma Floating Star

Another cocktail brought to you from the Teroforma Bar, here’s the Floating Star Martini. Often how food smells is overlooked while we eat. Yes we know when dinner smells delicious while cooking but so often once it’s brought to the table we look to see if it appears tasty then dig in. We love how much the perfume of star anise adds to the flavor of the Floating Star. This is a simple and festive way to kick off Thanksgiving & light enough to drink throughout the afternoon leading up to dinner. Recipe after the jump.

Floating Star Martini

2 oz Bourbon
2 oz Apple Cider
1/2 oz Pomegranate Liqueur
wedge of lime
1 Apple
Star Anise Clove

  • Prepare Garnish: slice apple thinly across the apple to reveal the star shaped center. Place in a bowl of ice water & juice from half a lime. This preserves the white of the apple.
  • In a cocktail shaker combine the Bourbon, Apple Cider, Pomegranate Liquer and a squeeze of lime wedge over ice. Shake shake shake until mixed.
  • Pour into martini glasses, float in a slice of apple and a clove of star anise.
  • Enjoy!

The Floating Star Martini sits pretty in our Martini Glass, along with our Linen Napkin & Tray by Leah Duncan.

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