Ashol-Pan: 13 year old eagle huntress


Ashol-Pan is a very unique 13 year old. She is unique because she is probably the world’s only apprentice eagle huntress. Traditionally hunting with a golden eagle is a craft practiced by Kazakh men and boys in the western region of Mongolia. Typically at the age of 13 boys begin learning how to use the […]

Inspirational Makers – Kvetna Glassworks

Landscape on the Czech/Slovak border.

Located in the beautiful countryside of the Czech Republic is Kvetna Glassworks. The factory, founded in 1794, works with traditional techniques and local materials. Looking at their modern, refined work you’d assume they have modern roots but they have been smart enough to adapt their skills and traditions to work for today’s market.


Engineered Illusions


As modern technology has advanced the methods of creating art have advanced as well. Computers, electronics, and new materials have provided creative artists with a wealth of new mediums to experiment with. While many creators still opt for the traditional methods, sculptor Jonty Hurwitz has fully embraced new forms of technology. Hurwitz’s art is based […]

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Inspirational Makers – S. Bernardo


When Teroforma decided to design the Alterier Vase Collection, it was immediately clear who to partner with, S. Bernardo- Perpetua, Pereira & Almeida, an amazing ceramic factory located in the quaint town of Alcobaça, Portugal. Led by architect Manuel da Bernarda, the factory is run like a design studio where creativity is encouraged through exploration […]